25 Oct, 2020 By Holly • Leave a Reply Extant, Gallery Updates

Captures of Hilarie’s role in the second season of Extant have been added to the image gallery.

0084.jpg 0098.jpg 0002.jpg 0019.jpg

Gallery Link:

22 Aug, 2020 By Holly • Leave a Reply Gallery Updates

I have added over 700 hd screencaptures of Hilarie from her role as Katherine in 2013’s Christmas on the Bayou to the image gallery as well as some behind the scenes photos and stills. Enjoy!

0438.jpg 0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0775.jpg

Gallery link:

19 Jul, 2020 By Holly • Leave a Reply Gallery Updates, One Tree Hill

I have added production stills as well as promotional image of Hilarie from season 1 -3 of One Tree Hill to our gallery. I will be adding more every week so make sure to follow our twitter to find out when new additions come!

0002.jpg 0001.jpg 0008.jpg 0005.jpg


15 Jul, 2020 By Holly • Leave a Reply General

I am proud and honored to announce that Hilarie Burton Morgan Daily is now back! Thanks to Marica and Jess for allowing me to take the site over and I hope to get it completely up to date as soon as possible. There’s still some things to be added to the image gallery (and some OTH episodes that got lost in the move from season 6) but the site is now back up with some additional goodies to the section on Hilarie herself. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with everything at @hburtondaily . A special shoutout to Claudia for help in getting the layout up and make sure to check out her design site if you’re looking for a new design!

12 May, 2019 By Marica • Leave a Reply General

I’m sad to announce that this site will be closing once the domain expires in January 2020. It will stay open until then but won’t be updated with anything new anymore. I just have no motivation for fansites anymore. I still love and adore Hilarie, always have and always will, and will follow her career.

Thanks everyone for visiting the site. Make sure to grab whatever you need before it’s deleted.